Stay Present

I’m back in Nelson for a visit and just visited the Raven’s Perch property. There’s been a lot more work done with respect to clearing – it’s a huge job! We now have our new driveway which we’re thrilled about, it creates a nice entry onto the property. A few more trees will be felled in order to provide us with enough material for our projects – and a bit to sell to offset the costs of milling.

It’s been busy on the “administrative” front as well… permits, banking, contracts signed – at times it has been somewhat overwhelming! I am often glad that I didn’t have any idea what I was getting into because I might not have done it!

Staying present and in the moment is really important and I’m glad I have a solid spiritual practice which includes meditation and yoga to keep me grounded. But even so, under stress the mind wants to take control, leap forward into the future and throw in all the “what if’s”.

I will post a few video’s on my YouTube channel during the next week … hopefully you’ll take the time to watch and if you like what you see give it a thumbs up and follow me! Things will get even more interesting once the Nomad’s are delivered and construction starts in early September.

But in the meantime! The Present is pretty awesome, and I am grateful.