Greatness Takes Time

I’m back in Victoria, we didn’t get as far along as I wanted to this summer with our build due to some delays with the delivery of the Nomad home components… seeing these words on the side of a building made me pause and reflect that everything is going to work out as it should and will probably be even better than I expected and as the saying goes, everything that is worth having takes time and doesn’t come easily.

I have a memory of my godmother Kathy singing a song to me … Que será, sera – Whatever will be, will be – The future’s not ours to see – Que será, sera – What will be, will be … this song has been looping around in my mind lately as well. I need to remember my own advice when I’m teaching my yoga class! B R E A T H E

One really cool thing that I got to help out with on my last visit is the milling of some of our cedar and fir. A local guy named Bruce came to the property next to ours where our wood is being piled and brought his portable milling equipment. The process of milling with this equipment is interesting to watch – hydraulics make it so that one person can manage the job! I think Bruce was pretty happy for the company and help though, made things go a little quicker. I was sad to have to leave before the job was done.

Wood-Mizer portable sawmill

The wood needs to be stacked so it can dry and we will likely use this for future projects like a carport next spring.

I’ll be heading back up to the area in mid-September and hopefully get a little farther along before the ground freezes and snow flies! But whatever happens, and however long it takes, I am incredibly grateful for this little piece of paradise that I get to play on for a time. Each time I visit I fall more and more in love with it – making new friends in the neighbourhood, watching the wildlife, getting to see the land in different seasons.