Emerald Grove – Permaculture Farm

We are very excited this spring because so much is starting to happen on our lower field. Through the Young Agrarian land-matching program we joined with a young farmer, Ryan, who will live and work the land and build his own farming business. I’m going to invite him to share content on this website and through blog posts in the coming months but for now I wanted to write a quick post since it’s been oh so long. Winter was a busy time planning and now that spring is here we are putting into action all of our collective ideas.

Ryan is starting with 1/4 acre this year to get things going but has a design worked out that includes increasing the farm to 1/2 acre next year as well as incorporating a forest garden around the perimeter of the farm. We are excited to watch the progress as he hones his skills and builds his knowledge.

Steve and I are taking care of basic clean up and getting the well and electric down to the lower property. We’ve got the wood to mill and all of those branches to chip up for use on garden pathways.

That’s all for now, much more to come!

Ryan adding manure to the 1/4 acre section
A small grove of cedars was removed to allow more light into the field during winter. The lumber will be used for projects on the property!